An enjoyable css framework use less

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A enjoyable css framework use less.


Table of Contents

  1. Basic Modules
  2. CSS3 Modules
  3. Component Modules
  4. Layout Modules
  5. Shim Modules
  6. Util Modules

Basic Modules

 //17 standard color names
 @aqua:     #00FFFF;
 @black:    #000000;
 @blue:     #0000FF;
 @fuchsia:  #FF00FF;
 @gray:     #808080;
 @grey:     @gray;
 @green:    #008000;
 @lime:     #00FF00;
 @maroon:   #800000;
 @navy:     #000080;
 @olive:    #808000;
 @purple:   #800080;
 @red:      #FF0000;
 @silver:   #C0C0C0;
 @teal:     #008080;
 @white:    #FFFFFF;
 @yellow:   #FFFF00;

 //other color names
 @orange:   #FFA500;
 @pink:     #FFC0CB;
 @gold:     #FFD700;
 // dispay block

 // dispay center block

 // dispay inline block
 .block-inline-float(@align:top, @float:left);

 // How To Clear Floats Without Structural Markup[]
 // set float, left is the default direction  
 .float(@direction: left);

 // quick access method

 // Resets floated elements back to their default of `float: none` and defaults
 // to `display: block` unless you pass `inline` as an argument
 .reset-float(@display: block);
 // sans-serif font family
 .sans-serif(@font-weight: normal, @font-size: 14px, @line-height: 20px ,@font-style: normal);

 // serif font family
 .serif(@font-weight: normal, @font-size: 14px, @line-height: 20px, @font-style: normal);

 // monospace font family
 .monospace(@font-weight: normal, @font-size: 12px, @line-height: 20px, @font-style: normal);

 // css3 @font-face
 .font-face(@font-family, @url);
 // cross browser min-height mixin

 // cross browser min-width mixin
 // text shadow
 .text-shadow(@x-offset: 0px, @y-offset: 0px, @blur:1px , @color: #000);

 // white space no wrap

 // text-overflow: clip|ellipsis|string; 
 .text-overflow(@overflow: clip);

 // Prevent long urls and text from breaking layouts
 // [originally from](
 // backgroud-attachment: scroll|fixed|inherit
 // background-clip: padding-box|border-box|content-box;
 // background-origin: padding-box|border-box|content-box;
 // background-size: length|percentage|cover|contain;
 .background(@color: transparent, @image: none, @repeat: repeat, @attachment: scroll, @position: 0% 0%, @clip: padding-box, @origin: padding-box, @size: auto);

 // translucent background
 .background-translucent(@color: @white, @alpha: 1);

CSS3 Modules

 // opacity style
 .opacity(@opacity: 1);
 .animation(@name: none, @duration: 0s, @timing-function: ease, @delay: 0, @iteration-count: 1, @direction: normal);
 .animation-play-state(@state: running);
 // 2D Transform
 .transform(rotateX(75deg) skewX(-15deg));
 .transform-origin( @origin: 50% 50% 0 );
 .transform-style(@style: flat);

 // 3D Transform
 .perspective( @depth: null );
 .perspective-origin( @position: 50% 50% );
 .transition(@property: all, @duration: 0s, @timing-function: ease, @delay: 0s);
 .box-align(@alignment: stretch);
 .box-direction(@direction: normal);
 .box-flex(@flex: 0);
 .box-flex-group(@group: 1);
 .box-orient(@orientation: horizontal);
 .box-ordinal-group(@group: 1);
 .box-pack(@pack: start);

 //.display-box; must be used along with other flexbox mixins
 .column(@column-count: 2, @column-gap: 20px);
 // border radius
 .border-radius(@radius: 5px);

 // border image
 .border-image( url(border.png) 27 27 27 27 round round );

 .border-translucent(@color: @white, @alpha: 1);
 .box-sizing(@model: content-box);
 .box-shadow("3px 3px red, -1em 0 0.4em olive");
 // radial gradient
 .radial-gradient("center, closest-side, #3a3a3a, #1a1a1a");

 // linear gradient
 .linear-gradient("-30deg, rgba(255, 255, 255, .7), rgba(255, 255, 255, .4) 50%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 0) 50.1%) no-repeat");

  // more linear gradient mixins
 .gradient-horizontal(@startColor: #000, @endColor: #fff);
 .gradient-vertical(@startColor: #000, @endColor: #fff);
 .gradient-directional(@startColor: #000, @endColor: #fff, @deg: 45deg);

 // using a Gradient as a Mask
 .mask-gradient( "linear-gradient(black, transparent)" );

 // using an Image as a Mask
 .mask-image( url(heartmask.png) );

Component Modules

 .button(@color: #f5f5f5, @text-color: #fff, @text-shadow: 0 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,.75), @font-size: 13px, @padding: 9px 15px 10px, @border-radius: 6px);

 .button(@white, @black);
 // a link that only has an underline when you hover over it
 // A link that looks and acts like the text it is contained within
 // makes a list inline

 // makes an inline list delimited with the passed string
 .list-delimited(@separator: ", ");

 // Turn off the bullet for an element of a list

 // turns off the bullets for an entire list

 .list-pretty-bullets(@bullet-icon, @width, @height, @line-height: 18px, @padding: 14px);
 .list-item-horizontal-left(@padding: 4px);
 .list-item-horizontal-right(@padding: 4px);
 .list-horizontal-left(@padding: 4px);
 .list-horizontal-right(@padding: 4px);
 .table-outer-borders(@width: 2px, @color: @black);
 .table-inner-borders(@width: 2px, @color: @black);

    @unfocused-border-color: #bbbbbb,
    @focus-border-color: #666666,
    @fieldset-border-color: #cccccc

    @input-width: 300px,  
    @textarea-width: 390px,  
    @textarea-height: 250px

Layout Modules

// Grid example
@grid-column-count: 11;
@grid-column-width: 40px;
@grid-gap-width: 20px;

div.grid {
    div.span1 { .grid-columns(1); }
    div.span2 { .grid-columns(2); }
    div.span3 { .grid-columns(3); }
    div.span4 { .grid-columns(4); }
    div.span5 { .grid-columns(5); }
    &.show-grid {
        background-color: @silver;
        height: 200px;
        margin-bottom: 20px;
        div {
            background-color: @grey;
            height: 200px;
            text-align: center;

Shim Modules

Util Modules

 @sprite-default-size: 32px;
 @sprite-default-margin: 0px;
 @sprite-image-base-path: ".";

        .sprite-img("icons-32.png", 1); 
        .sprite-img("icons-32png", 2); 

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